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We ensure all of our sites and partnered AD plants are fully compliant with EA standards

All NI waste collectors have to be regulated by the NI Environmental Agency. This ensures all waste collected is disposed of correctly and responsibily. We pride ourselves on being a registered waste carrier and all of our compliance documents can be downloaded for your records.

As a licensed waste carrier, we can track all of your waste transfers electronically after each and every collection. We can also guarantee that all of your food waste is sent to licensed AD facilities.

We are licensed to collect CAT 3 ABP food waste, this means we can only collect what's listed on our bin to the right. 
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To find out more about Food Waste Collections, you can contact us directly using the information below: 

: info@foodwastediversion.com
: (028) 71 383133


 Our service offers you Simplicity, Cost Savings, Compliance and Support

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 We ensure all of our sites and our partnered AD plants are fully compliant with EA standards.

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We strive to find convenient and practical solutions for your food waste no matter how big or small your foodservice business may be. 

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