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Nothing is wasted

We guarantee all of the food waste we collect will be recycled, nothing goes to landfill. We have formed relationships with a number of local, licensed Anaerobic Digestion plants throughout Northern Ireland to minimise how far your collected waste has to travel. These relationships provide the key link between our customers who need food waste collected and Anaerobic Digestion plants that need the feedstock to produce biogas.


Environmentally friendly

Our vehicles have been specially designed to not only pick up our bins in the safest way possible but they are also more energy efficient than standard refuse collection vehicles because the bin lift is electronic, meaning the engine is switched off when it’s in use. They also feature air tabs, aerofoils and tear drop fronts to make them more fuel efficient. Alongside this, our drivers only use handheld devises which means no paper is used during a collection.

How we recycle your food waste

Anaerobic Digestion is the main method of conversion we use to turn food waste materials into renewable energy. Anaerobic Digestion is a natural decomposition process done under oxygen free conditions using bacteria and microscopic bugs to break down food and organic materials.


Renewable energy

Food waste can be converted into biogas and when fed through a combined heat and power unit becomes energy that can power businesses, homes and communities. A rich organic fertiliser, which is a by-product of the conversion process, can be returned to farm lands for the future production of crops – this creates a virtuous cycle of food waste back into food production.



Duty of Care

All commercial waste producers have a responsibility to ensure their waste is stored, collected and disposed of in line with the duty of care regulations. By using us, we ensure you are fully compliant in every way.


Ensure that no food waste goes to landfill. Statistics show that by 2020, UK landfill will be full. Protect our environment and start your 1 month free trial today!


 Our service offers you Simplicity, Cost Savings, Compliance and Support

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 We ensure all of our sites and our partnered AD plants are fully compliant with EA standards.

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We strive to find convenient and practical solutions for your food waste no matter how big or small your foodservice business may be.

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